Dear Visitor,

Looking the diversity of this gallery, you could be wondering why these seemingly different styles are mixed in the works of one artist. The reason is that I have locked several techniques in my heart, each techniques can express a different mood of mine, and depending on what I experience or how I experience at that time, I can switch between the styles. When I paint, I like to harmonize colors and shapes to achieve different moods. Pastel means calmness with the soft and pure colors. In my scribble drawings I can show the playfulness and the fluidity of my thoughts. I love dance as an art, and I can happily illustrate the feeling of dance with the drawing and painting techniques.


Victoria Balogh-Kovacs

I was born in Budapest, in 1983. I have shown great interest in various arts since I was a child. Besides drawing, I played artistic sports, such as rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming and later contemporary dance.During my high school years I took up drawing as an optional subject. After graduating from college I worked as a teacher, which gave me the opportunity to express my creativity during my daily taks with children. Then, after a carreer change I got a job as a freight forwarder. Over time I felt a growing need to find something to break the monotonous working days. This is how I discovered the right hemisphere drawing in 2017, which opened up new perspectives. I participated in several courses and workshops, where I learned how to use various techniques, such as charcoal and pastel drawing, or acrylic and aquarell painting. I have locked several of these into my heart, because they each have a different atmosphere. After a while I felt that this was not enough, and I wanted to try something new. I started to fall in love with oilpainting. This new direction gave me new path to discover. I met Kálmán Gasztonyi, with Kálmán's support - since July of 2020 - I was able to discover more potential in this type of painting. I presented my pictures at several group exhibitions and tenders, these gave me further inspirations too. Since 2022 I am a member of a Fine Arts Capital Art Association, which has opened up new perspectives for me. I have a constant urge to present and express my toughts and feelings. These could be in a realistic or in a modern/abstract way of representation, but the aim is that I capture the different moods and bring them onto a canvas.